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Musician of the Week: Bobby

9 February 2017 at 09:51 | 1925 views

PV Staff

Bobby is a Sierra Leonean musician from Bo, the second largest city in Sierra Leone and capital of the southern region.

Many Sierra Leoneans scattered around the world in the aftermath of the country’s terrible civil war (often described as senseless) have never heard of him, but that is changing with the advent of social media and the cell phone.

Many Sierra Leoneans in Sierra Leone, even those in the remotest villages, now have cell phones and can talk to friends and relatives everywhere in the country and abroad. It’s a telecommunications revolution in Sierra Leone just like other African countries.

But this advance in communications has its unintended consequences. Mobile phones (landlines are almost non-existent in the country these days) are now used by some individuals in Sierra Leone to spread malicious gossip on people they don’t like, spread misinformation or disinformation about the government, cheat on their lovers, spouses, husbands and so on.

Our musician of the week, Bobby, who normally sings in Mende (a major Sierra Leonean language) and Krio, Sierra Leone’s lingua franca, usually tackles social issues like infidelity, failure to pay debts which makes financial institutions like banks usually reluctant to lend money to some Sierra Leoneans but eager to finance foreign business owners, political chicanery and other evils, sings about the bad uses of mobile phones in the video clip below.

Here is Bobby doing Mobile Phone: