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Momoh Conteh should do his home work

22 January 2008 at 08:30 | 1188 views

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to comment about a recent rumor from Kabala made by one Momoh Conteh in the Freetown media about Mr BABARGALEH BARRIE, DEPUTY MINISTER OF HOUSING, that he(Babargaleh) is not from Kabala or was not born in Kabala.

If it is true that Momoh made such a comment he should be ashamed of himself. As a Koinadugian born in Yogomaia and as a classmate of Momoh from primary school to secondary school I can declare that Momoh does not know people from Kabala or he is just acting stupid by making such a comment just because he does not know Mr Barrie.

Does he know everybody that was born in Kabala? or who is he to question where people was born? Mr Barrie was already in the UK studying when Momoh was in D. E. C primary school so what does he know about Barrie?

Momoh needs to talk to people that are of Mr Barrie’s age or that know him before making any comment about him. Is that part of democracy? Or is it because Mr Barrie is from my tribe, the Fullah tribe? I hope not.

Mrs Clinton was not born in New York but she is a senator from New York, Henry Kissinger was not born in the United States but he rose to the position of secretary of state and the list goes on an on.

So Momoh should know better as he has travelled overseas and he knows how democracy works or he is just being ignorant by making such a comment.Mr. Barrie, being a member of the APC party and Momoh’s entire family was or is in very same party. For him to make such remarks tells you how narrow his mentality is.

By the way Mr. Momoh, for your own record, Mr Barrie is the oldest son of late fullah tribal head in your district ALHAJI M. BARRIE. So remember that. Don’t let us tell people what you use to say about yourself while in the US.

Khan Jalloh

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