Letter to editor

Message for Donald Conteh

10 November 2010 at 01:32 | 1005 views

Dear Donald,

I read your article ’Sierra Leone Celebrates another Mental Health Day’. I must admit that the article is very interesting and when I read it I said to myself I must get in touch with Donald.

Though I am a british-born, my parents originated from Sierra Leone and Mental Health is one area that I am interested to invest in the near future. I am not a clinically trained mental health professional but have been working for over seven years with people who suffer from Mental Health (High to low support). I did a degree in Social Welfare Studies.

The project I want to embark on is to set up a National NGO in Freetown. My purpose for this NGO is to help people who are disadvantaged through mental health illness or drugs/substance misuse addictions. The service I will provide is to provide emotional and practical support and helping them to access educational and social opportunities and this service will create opporunities for people with low to moderate mental health illness/drugs/substance misuse to engage in activities that promote social inclusion.

I do not know how you will assist me for this project to take off but I would like your assistance. I really want to invest in Sierra Leone and my area of interest is people suffering from mental health illness and drugs/alcohol addiction.

If you get in touch with me I will email you my mission statement and my values which I had written two years ago.

Looking forward to hearing from you asap.

Iris Davies