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Lunsar: LUC rigorously enforces mask regulation

3 January 2021 at 20:03 | 1191 views

By Sullay Kapen Koroma , Freetown, Sierra Leone

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The Local Unit Commander of Lunsar township and its environs, was on robust moves to track down non-users of face masks in town.

LUC Murana Eric Kamara, an outstanding police officer that has served the police force for over 20 years pointed out that he is enforcing the Covid-19 regulations and everybody in Lunsar should comply or face the law.

He said over 200 people have been arrested and they will be charged to court.

Kamara revealed that he had given the police station and the barracks a facelift, the condition of the cells had been improved, with modern toilet facilities and solar electrification of the whole station.

He also revealed that there is an ongoing project for the construction of a water well at the station and the whole portion of land occupied by the station had been fenced. He continued that he has re-instituted a police partnership board, who are putting all hands on deck to work on the crime rate and public education on issues of development in Lunsar.

Meanwhile, regular supply of electricity has also returned to Lunsar through the efforts of the Ministry of Energy headed by Minister Kanja Sesay.