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Liberia: UNMIL Warns George Weah

13 December 2005 at 10:42 | 668 views

The head of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has called on the losing presidential candidate to calm his supporters following two incidents yesterday in the capital, Monrovia, in which one Liberian police officer was seriously wounded and several Liberian and three UN police officers suffered minor injuries.

Alan Doss strongly condemned the violence, and UNMIL said responsibility for it must be assumed by the leadership of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

He urged CDC leader George Weah and others to call on their supporters to prevent any further disturbances.

In a run-off presidential election in November, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the Unity Party gained a majority over Mr. Weah.

Meanwhile, Mr. Doss assured the residents of Monrovia that UNMIL would continue to provide all necessary support to the Liberian law enforcement agencies in preventing any acts which could threaten Liberia’s hard-earned peace and security.

A disturbance broke out yesterday at CDC headquarters in downtown Monrovia after party leaders addressed their supporters. A large group of CDC supporters became violent, attacking members of the Liberian National Police. At their request, UNMIL sent in about 100 officers and a few military personnel, who restored order.

After leaving party offices shortly thereafter, a smaller group tried to disrupt traffic on one of Monrovia’s main thoroughfares, Tubman Boulevard, and roved through the adjacent neighbourhoods, damaging vehicles and injuring Liberian and UNMIL officers.

The Liberian police officers are detaining more than 40 persons in connection with the unrest.

Source: UN news

Photo: George Oppong Weah