Letter to editor

Letter of complaint against Victor Sylver

29 April 2008 at 23:46 | 1224 views

Sullay Adekulay
171 Faunce House
Doddington Grove
London SE17 3TB
29th April 2008.

The Chairman,
Exiled Journalists Network
University of West of England
Canon Kitson
Oldbury Court Road
BS 16 2JP

Dear Elsharif,

Complaint against Victor Sylver for a defamatory publication.

I am writing to make a formal complaint against Victor Sylver for publishing a defamatory story about me on 7th April 2008 on his ‘Sierra Herald’ online newspaper. In his defamatory article Victor baselessly accused me of being a human right abuser and a fake journalist.

If you can recall during 2007 Exiled Journalist Network Annual General meeting held at the National Union of Journalists, when Victor was baselessly accusing Dr Seaga Shaw of being a human right abuser, I stood up as a compatriot Sierra Leonean and rejected his claim against Dr Seaga Shaw. Victor was not happy with my action; he therefore immediately took a photograph of me and sent it to Free Town for my identity as journalist to be investigated.

Even though a colleague journalist by the name of Mohamed Sankoh instantly confirmed my identity as a journalist, Victor never reported the accurate version of the response he received from his investigation about my identity as a journalist. Things came to head when Abu B. Shaw wrote a story about the recently held Annual General meeting at the University of East London on the Canada based ‘Patriotic Vanguard’ online newspaper. Victor seems not to be happy upon reading that I have been elected as a board member of Exiled Journalists Network, and he went ahead to publish his article with a whole lot of fabrications about me.

Victor’s story has not only defamed me, but has also brought the name of Exiled Journalist Network into disrepute by questioning its membership eligibility criteria. I am therefore calling on the organisation to conduct a thorough investigation about Victor’s claim against me, and for the necessary action to be taken against any party that is to be found wanting.
Thanking you for your anticipated cooperation and looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Sullay Adekulay
(EJN Management Committee member)