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Let the Truth be Told: Mr. Munu Deserves an Apology

14 October 2010 at 05:51 | 762 views

Comment to Alimamy Jaiah Kaikai Ref: “In Pursuit of Fairness, Mr. President”

Let the Truth be Told: Mr. Munu Deserves an Apology By Foday T. Jabbie, Washington, DC, USA

The article written by Alimamy Jaiah Kaikai of Houston, Texas, USA in the Patriotic Vanguard dated September 11, 2010 captioned “In Pursuit of Fairness, Mr. President”, in which he referred to Francis A. Munu as a “Junior Northerner” to Alfred Oliver Somassa, calls for my comment.

First and foremost, I want Jaiah Kaikai to observe the following: Francis A. Munu is a graduate of Fourah Bay College, a prevailing institution of a high academic merit. Alfred Somassa is a graduate of N’Jala University, another reputable institution of higher learning.

At the conclusion of their cadet training, they traveled through the ranks and Francis Munu became Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police where he oversaw operations. Alfred Somassa became AIG of police to superintend crime scenes. Clearly, you can see that these men are two bright capable officers of the force. When their British trainer, Keith Biddle, who also retained the position of Inspector General of the force, left for England, it was a Northerner, Inspector General Brima Acha Kamara, who replaced him.

Circumstantially, Alfred Somassa became the second in command to Brima Acha during the regime of Pa Kabba annex-Sierra Leone People’s Party president. Somasas grazed over an agglomerate of experienced AIGs. Moreover, when the position of Inspector General became vacant, the current president – His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma, appointed another Northerner by the name of Francis Alie Munu to fill the vacancy.

Please convince me that Francis A. Munu is a junior officer to Alfred Somassa or that his appointment by the president is based on tribalism. Let me point out that no man is beyond criticism and that certainly includes Mr. Francis Munu, nonetheless criticism should be based on facts. To insinuate figures and inundate people’s lives with concocted innuendoes is the hallmark of a wicked and heartless individual. I can only dismiss Jaiah Kaikai’s charges against Mr. Munu as motiveless malignity for his comments are devoid of reason and fact.

I suggest that we interact constructively in ways that benefit our maturity and intellect. As such, Mr. Jaiah Kaikai should read the point of correction written by Idrissa Munu and published September 16, 2010 by the Patriotic Vanguard.

Last, but not least, it is appropriate to extend appreciation to the editor(s) of Patriotic Vanguard for exerting objectivity and practicality in the broadcasting of information. The Patriotic Vanguard should be commended for excellent work.