Letter to editor

Lawyer Sadubah on attitudinal change

26 May 2008 at 02:34 | 1217 views

The president has introduced the very good concept of ATTITUDINAL CHANGE. We all admire him for that. However, if you want change, you must lead by example. The way he appointed Dr. Kalokoh to the NPA shows exactly how former presidents of Sierra Leone appointed people to high offices. Just by a telephone call to the Minister. That is normal to former presidents who were happy with the STATUS QUO. No democracy, no hiring procedures, the head of the CIVIL SERVICE is always bypassed, recruitment officers are never consulted, parliament seldomly has to approve. DOES HE WANT TO CHANGE THAT? I assume, the answer is YES.

If you want attitudinal change, you must start to practice it from day one in office. Yes, the KALOKOS have been helpful to the party, but there has to be a process of appointment of people to high offices like the NPA. That process must be followed and let Dr. Kalokoh know it. Yes, you want to give him the job, but the process must be followed and you will give him your support. This type of thinking will uphold our systems. They will stand FIRM. But the president’s action implies that there are no systems in Sierra Leone, Parliament does nothing and the president can do whatever he wants.

Attitudinal change has to come from the top and trickle down to the people. People are watching the activities of the president and his ministers. They must first of all adopt the change and lead by example. If that happens, then the next step is to encourage the INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY, so that whoever breaks the Law will be dealt with accordingly.

Let us all understand that President Koroma has the legal right to make such appointments. It was only the way it was done and its political implications that raise an eyebrow. I think that it should have been done through the laid down appointment procedures if any, I know there are some. In that way all the political innuendoes would have been avoided.

I know Dr. Kalokoh very well. May be he will remember me at 1601 Argone Place NW, Washington DC. I have nothing against him. However, if you have already accepted a job, there is no need crying that you are not looking for one. I am sure that the president did not force him to accept it.Therefore, once you accepted it, you need to move forward and let it work.

Moreover, you have to know how to deal with the press. You are not obligated to ANSWER TO ALL THEIR QUESTIONS. I know that Gibs and Kabs-Kanu will not like this one. But you have legal rights to withhold some information, unless you have a COURT ORDER. Dr. Kalokoh could have easily said I will not answer to that question, then the reporter will move on to the next question with ease.

REPORTERS HAVE NO RIGHTS TO FORCE YOU TO ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS. You know or you ought to know that your response is a potential embarrassment to President Koroma. You do not disclose everything that took place in the president’s office to the press. That will make his job very difficult. There has to be some privacy in that office. There was no reason to disclose your family’s relationship with the president to the press, especially after he has just appointed you to a high office. This will induce jealousy and outcry in the country, despite your qualifications. ONE OF OUR ETHICAL PRINCIPLES IS TO MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY AND KEEP THE CONFIDENCES AND SECRETS OF OUR CLIENTS. Dr. Kalokoh is a layman, we will not blame him much.

One more thing in this category of Attitudinal Change raised by our president: THE DECLARATION OF ASSETS by all ministers. He could have led by example. He could have declared his FIRST, then ask the ministers to follow. But I believe that, he will do so down the line. Lead by example is the name of the game.

Having said all of the above, I still think that President Koroma means well for Sierra Leone; let us all wish him success and support his developmental efforts.

Mohamed SaduBah, Esq.