Letter to editor

Lango Deen Commended

8 July 2008 at 04:23 | 1090 views

Lango Deen,

Good greetings. I admire your balancing points. When I started to read your article, I was looking for balancing attributes and I found them almost at the end of the article, wherein you agreed somehow with Saffa that it was right for him to protest the wave of violence in Kono etc.

I believe it is unfair to compare Mugabe with president Ernest Koroma, by any means. Opposition leaders must realize that Sierra Leoneans around the world are listening to them when they speak and are also reading their writings. Therefore they must be very cautious in their communication. It is okay to criticize, but you want to make sure that your criticisms are based on facts. Your comparisons should be truthful and be deemed reasonable to the average Sierra Leonean. Failure to do that will cause other highly sophisticated Sierra Leoneans who are non partisan to think that you are making this comparison merely because you are out of office or you have something in your chest against Ernest Koroma. This will cause you to lose credibility in the eyes of the population. As a leader this will not be good for you.

As for Kenday Kamara, Lango has said it all. I do not need to repeat anything here. It appears that these two people are extremists; when they support one party they are blind to anything good done by the other. That is politically dangerous for our country.In a democracy, the opposition has to work together with the governing party to move the country forward. National interest is paramount to any political party’s interest. When can we learn?

The Patriotic Vanguard should be thanked for this type of BALANCED JOURNALISM.

Mohamed SaduBah, Esq.

Editor’s note: See Lango’s article above.