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20 September 2007 at 09:29 | 944 views

The 2007 elections are over. We now know that Ernest Koroma’s APC will be forming the next government. Congratulations President Ernest Bai Koroma. It is the latter’s prerogative to choose the people to serve in his cabinet. Nevertheless, I think Sierra Leone needs a small and effective cabinet. Large cabinets, among others have contributed to the backwardness of our beloved country. So, join the debate to downsize the current cabinet positions below. My proposed list follows this:-

1. President and Minister of Defence
2. Vice - President
3. Minister of Finance
4. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
5. Attorney-General and Minister of Justice
6. Minister of Development and Economic Planning
7. Minister of Trade and Industry
8. Minister of Education, Science and Technology
9. Minister of Internal Affairs
10. Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security
11. Minister of Marine Recourses

12. Minister of Health and Sanitation

13. Minister of Transport and Communications

14. Minister of Energy and Power

15. Minister of Works, Housing and Technical Maintenance

16. Minister of Mineral Resources

17. Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Social Security

18. Minister of Local Government

19. Minister of Information and Broadcasting

20. Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs

21. Minister of Lands, Country Planning, and the Environment

22. Minister of Parliamentary and Political Affairs

23. Minister of Tourism and Culture

24. Minister of Presidential Affairs

25. Minister of Youth and Sports


Eastern Province

Northern Province

Southern Province
The following is my proposed list:

1. President and CIC
2. Vice President. His/her office should have responsibility for development and Economic Planning
3. Minister of Finance
4. Minister of Defence
5. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
6. Minister of Trade and Industry
7. Minister of Education, Youth and Sport
8. Minister of Internal Affairs and Local Government
9. Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources
10. Minister of Health and the Environment
11. Minister of Transport and Communication, Energy and Power, Technical and Maintenance
12. Minister of Mineral Resources, Lands and Country Planning and Housing
13. Minister of Labour and Social Welfare

Non Ministerial Positions

Director of Youth and Sports
Director of Tourism and Culture
Director of Justice

In my opinion, there should be no place for a Minister of Presidential Affairs. The Secretary to the President fulfills that role. No role for Regional Ministers. Their functions, if any, should be performed by Provincial Secretaries and others. There should be no place for Parliamentary and Political Affairs Ministers.

I have my doubts whether there should be a Minister of Justice or a Director for Justice.

Finally, there should be no place for Deputy Ministers. In the absence of a Cabinet Minister all questions could be addressed to the Permanent Secretary in that department.

Dear reader, which cabinet position do you want to "chop"? Why?

Mohamed Yongawo,

London, UK.