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Issa Catco Leads Muslims in Fight against Ebola

By  | 18 July 2014 at 06:02 | 3273 views

As the Ebola epidemic takes a deadly toll within what is called the Mano River basin, that is, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, Muslims led by popular business magnate Alhaji Issa Catco Kamara have joined the government and other organizations in curbing its spread within the country.

The initiative came out of a meeting organized on June 28 at the office of Alhaji Issa Catco Kamara (photo) , the National President of the Forum of Islamic Organizations, which is an umbrella organization of Islamic organizations in the country.

The three main Muslim sects in the country Shiite, Sunni and Ahmadiyya were represented.

Catco, as he is popularly known, commended His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma for his development initiatives within the past years. He described President Ernest Koroma as a visionary leader who also empathizes with Muslims. He noted that the president had been giving support to the Muslim community over the years which contributed to the strengthening of religious tolerance that is already a mark of emulation world wide. He reminded them of the Forum’s vision statement, which is “To see a country where Muslims belonging to every sect (Sunni, Ahmadiyya, Shiite) living in harmony, dynamically participate in national and international programmes for the benefit and prosperity of the religion, despite their varying religious beliefs."

He called on the three Muslims sects to put aside their differences and resolve to jointly lead a crusade against the Ebola epidemic.

Sheikh Ahmad Tejan Sillah the Spiritual Leader (Shiite) and Chief Imam of the Freetown Central Mosque said the Ebola outbreak was a concern to every Sierra Leonean. “As religious leaders, we should take the lead in sensitizing our congregations on ways of preventing the spread of the epidemic. We should also collaborate with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation”, he said.

The Spiritual Leader for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Sierra Leone Maulvi Saeedu Rahman said the Ebola pandemic had destroyed the normal lives of the residents in the eastern part of the country and had also taken the lives of many. He commended the Government of Sierra Leone and international organizations for their timely interventions in combating the spread of the pandemic. He also noted that the Ahmadiyya Radio Station FM 91.7 had been constantly sensitizing and educating the public about the virus and its sources that caused the Ebola disease.

Aljhaji Osman Kanu Spiritual Leader of the Sunni who is also Chief Imam of the Hizbullah Islamic Mission in Sierra Leone lauded the efforts of the Muslim leaders in bringing together people to discuss issues of national concern.

The National Secretary General of the Forum Alhaji Madani Kabba Kamara commended the National President Alhaji Issa Catco Kamara for convening the meeting, bringing together all the sects in the country to discuss issues of national concern, which was a manifestation of patriotism and humanitarianism. He urged Muslims to respect the religious tolerance that had characterized the nation for decades. He appealed to the government and other institutions to support the Forum of Islamic Organizations in its fight against Ebola.

Alhaji Issa Catco Kamara and all the Spiritual Leaders resolved to call on all Muslims across the country to offer special prayers for spiritual intervention in the fight against the Ebola epidemic.The disease has caused fear, anxiety and frustration among people in the country as the death toll steadily increases every day.