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Interracial marriage and divorces among Black Canadians

28 May 2024 at 16:08 | 597 views

By Justine Cleophas Pierre, Labour Market Statistician, Researcher, Forced Migration and TVET Consultant

Interracial marriage and divorces among Black Canadians.
Do White men treat Black women better?

Yesterday, we delved into insights from our biannual survey of Blacks in Canada, focusing on divorce rates among black individuals under 65 years.
From our data, we already know that Black Canadians in interracial marriages tend to be wealthier than other Black people, and we wanted to know why. This new data on interracial divorces surprised everyone.

Here are our preliminary findings:
A Black Man and a White Woman face the highest likelihood of divorce among all interracial groups. At the same time, a black man and an Asian/Filipina/ Indian woman have the lowest probability of separation.

Interestingly, relationships and marriages between Black Women and White men emerge as the most successful, boasting the lowest divorce rates with the highest net worth. We have also seen that Black women who married white men are more educated and enterprising than the wives of Black men who married white women.
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