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Home and away:The New Direction victory dance in London

16 July 2018 at 19:18 | 5241 views


By Prince Foday, London, UK

The New Direction victory dance was awesome and well organised by the Sierra Leone Peoples Party executive in Britain.

The event was done at the Royal Regent Hall, a type of hall that is linked with true royalty, glamour and humility. There were seats to accommodate the attendees and a sparkling dance floor to showcase any style of dance.

Present at the event was the First Lady, Her Excellency Mrs Fatima Bio. She arrived in a simple car and no security sensation and high diplomatic delegation. The presence of the First Lady spiced up the whole programme. As a member of the SLPP UKI Region and a country where her relationship with our current President started, she felt at home.

The programme started with a speech from the chairman of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, United Kingdom and Ireland, Mr Mohamed Yongawo. The chair spoke about the rocky journey of the party to victory and praised the First Lady for the immense role she played in leading the party to victory.

After the chairman’s opening speech, the First Lady was given the stage for her speech which touched on the high teenage pregnancy in our country, the need for talented Sierra Leoneans to go home and contribute towards the agenda of the new direction, that her role is to assist her husband to succeed, that she won’t allow herself to be used by anyone or institutions for personal gain but would rather encourage persons or institutions with predominant national interest. That as a First Lady she never met a record or guiding template that was left by the former First Lady but only being herself and doing what is good for the country, that she is not at the victory dance to report on the 100 days successes of the New Direction but could only brief us on what she knows and had seen for herself.

She went on to say that what she knows and had seen done within the 100 days of the New Direction are the increase in salaries and improved conditions of services for public servants, prompt payment of salaries (something that was delayed by past governments ), that salaries are paid from domestic revenue and that the current government is avoiding borrowing to pay wages and salaries, that there is an enforcement of the policy of public servants being prompt at work (public servants are now meant to be in office at 8:30am, something past governments were lethargic about), that there is an ongoing end of month national cleaning, that free education for both primary and secondary schools and other support for students due to commence this September 2018 and henceforth all modalities are now in place to do that, that there is abolition of payment for college and university application forms, that modalities are in place to institute student loan scheme meant to eliminate the barrier of finance to education, and many more positive programmes in the national interest.

Mrs. Fatima Bio said the new direction is dedicated to an action-based strategy that is evidential and which will encourage the people of Sierra Leone to give an extended mandate for the party to continue ruling.

After her speech, she opened the stage with dancing. She was open to dance with all and her simplicity was next to none. She has the attributes of the type of wife that any politician would expect as their soul partner.