Letter to editor

Freedom of association, please

23 August 2007 at 22:36 | 757 views

August 19,2007,

Dear Editor,

Many Sierra Leoneans are throwing rock words at each other for unjustified reasons.

I believe this is not fair because people can belong to different political parties without hurting each other. The right to belong to a political party should not be violated or tossed around by anyone. We have passed the stage where party differences must not divide us and make us become enemies to each other. It is also our responsibility to educate many of our brothers and sisters about this concept.

You know some of the massive destruction carried out in the past years. I am appealing to all peace loving people to put aside party differences. It is time to promote peace, love , unity and understanding. We have so much to do to help place our Sierra Leone on the right track.
I believe it will be unfair to point fingers at one party about hooliganism, thuggery and cheating. S.L.P.P. and A.P.C. are guilty of such practices now and in the past. Our responsibility today and tomorrow is to stop such dirty activities if we love our political parties and our Sierra Leone.

I hope we shall make it our responsibility to help the leader and the party that will be in power. These guys will be new and young. They will need help from many of us. Our candid productive help will lead to rapid development and progress. This is the time we should be nailing down the leaders to the tasks ahead of them, such as development and improvement of human resources, eradication of extreme poverty, eradication of immoral conduct, creation of employment and many other important matters well known to you. Rock throwing at each other is devastating.
Please let us know we owe Sierra Leone and GOD has placed the responsibility on our shoulders. It is our responsibility to place our Sierra Leone on the right track.
Help Save Sierra Leone.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Sorie M. Jawara.