Letter to editor

Freedom is not free until liberty is guaranteed

5 September 2007 at 20:19 | 1017 views

By Kathos Mattai,USA.

Freedom is not free until liberty is guaranteed without pre-condition. That is why we continue to seek the freedom and liberty of Allie Kondewa and Moinina Fofana, on the land of their birth, Sierra Leone. They got entrapped in a screwed up political system that has led to the cessation of their freedom and liberty. A system that is about to change through pluralism so that peace and liberty is guaranteed to every Sierra Leonean irrespective of age, ethnicity or gender.

Without peace, there is no freedom and there would be no liberty to do the things that would bring development to our communities and communes. That is why the wish of the people must be respected after the September 8, 2007 Presidential runoff.

Sierra Leone remains the 176th out of 177th poorest countries in the world according to the UN human development index(hdi) assessment tool. This should serve as a baseline measurement for our development for the next 5 years, from 2007-2012. This is the challenge that would be facing the next President of Sierra Leone.

As the voters go to the poll on Saturday, September 8, 2007, keep it in your mind and heart that you are also voting for freedom & liberty for Allie Kondewa and Moinina Fofana. May God bless all freedom fighters and damn to the oppressors.