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For the lady that I can’t help but love

28 April 2010 at 02:52 | 1067 views

By Eternal Sunshine, USA.

I have watched you with other guys, wondering why you have let them treat you the way they do...they came as missionaries, with bibles, all the while swords behind their backs waiting to behead those who were stupid to bow their heads in prayer. You sat as they stripped you bear, raped and pillaged, yet you still loved and have always loved. They said you were free, yet they imposed themselves on you, but you shone bright and you stayed strong. The men in the neighborhood fought to take you away from the stranger, claiming they knew what was best, yet they corrupted unity, made a mockery of freedom and savagely had their way with justice.

I wish I could say I knew you better, I really wish we spent more time together but I had just started to discover you, as you discovered me, when alas, our love was tested, my faith in our love unsure, as I watched and saw you forcefully violated once more. I kept loving you, even when I couldn’t do it laying next to you, even when I became a stranger in a foreign land because some other men argued, fought and killed, all pretending that they loved you more...if they loved you more, like they said, why did they shed blood in your name, when ten thousand roses and a kiss showed so much more love. I was forced to see these men kill for you or so they kept saying, watched again from afar....wishing, that soon, you wouldn’t have to be treated the way you were, they held you close to squeeze the life and joy out of you, when I know if I had held you, it’d only be just the right way you’d have wanted me to...

In recent years, thanks to BBC, internet I have seen you, the prize once more for those two old men, who once brothers, now enemies to death, in red and green...and I wonder, if they love you, like they say they do, why don’t they just look out for what’s best for you. I got embarrassed and turned away in shame, saying my love for you cannot live if it meant I had to watch you suffer all over again, never wanted to see your face again, cared less if you lived or died....but it dawned on me, you have always loved me and I have you too, so I hold on with blind faith that things will get better, my lady, Sierra Leone, the lady I can’t help but love, no matter what!!!