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Feedback on the Bandajuma - Pujehun Road Construction Project

25 October 2021 at 19:38 | 507 views

By Kortor Kamara, USA

Following the recent publication in Patriotic Vanguard and social media, highlighting the total lack of monitoring and negligence by Pujehun district stakeholders, of the Bandajuma- Pujehun road construction project since 2013, reports from the district intimate renewed feverish efforts, especially by the local council and its chairman to add impetus into completion of this long delayed vital development project through advocacy and engagement.

While the efforts of the local council are laudable, additional stakeholders, including our political leadership in the central government and all appointed directors, heads of agencies and prominent indigenes and stakeholders of Pujehun district, need to show renewed commitment and engagement towards completion of this road project.

Below is a press release of the recent engagement by the Pujehun District Council with the contractor, First Tricorn at their offices in Bo city.

Update on Team visit to Bo 20th October 2021
The team headed by Chairman Sowa of Pujehun District Council held fruitful discussions with First Tricon Engineer and Engineer Gbonda at the main office along Bo / Kenema highway.

Key issues presented by chairman Sowa on behalf of team:
Delay in the road project
Government weak commitment to fund the work
The capacity of First Tricon company
Compensation for economic trees and borehole pits
The Makibi bridge as it is death trap due to heavy trucks plying to and from Pujehun

Responses from first Tricon
They have capacity to do the work
Bush clearing and road grading to start next week 26th October 2021 up to Gobaru
Full scale work begin November
Only have funds for November
Makibi and Gieweila bridges to be completed in ten months from November 2021

The district to have another engagement with SLRA
Advocate with central government to provide the necessary funds
Paramount chiefs to be fully involved into this process
Youths to work with First Tricon at all levels of the project
Media engagement to be done regularly
WhatsApp forum to be created as another platform for communication

Team Members
Chairman Sowa
PC Lahai A K Sowa
Councilor Anthony Fortune
Mohamed O Koroma(DYC)
Newman Levey (Media)
Ibrahim Borgiwa Swaray (Civil Society )

High-powered delegation from Pujehun meets First Tricon
A high-powered delegation from Pujehun District led by the District Council Chairman, Shiekh Suaibu Sowa has engaged First Tricom Construction Company in Bo for an update on the Bandajuma-Pujehun Road Construction Project.

The people of Pujehun have been waiting indefinitely for the completion of the road project which has been going on for over five years.”

Credit for photos: Newman Anthony Levey