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FBC Administration conducts orientation for Freshmen and Women

11 January 2023 at 06:49 | 799 views

Fourah Bay College (FBC) has held a One-day Orientation ceremony for its freshmen and Women.

The orientation which took place on Monday, 9th January, 2023 at the Ajayi Crowther Amphitheater at the college’s Mount Aureol Campus in Freetown attracted new clients after a landmark admission of about 4,000 students for the first time to study for various degrees, diplomas and certificates programmes.

Different speakers made statements on key issues that are germane to enhancing the efficiency of the college.

Officially welcoming the new students to the FBC Family, the Deputy Registrar of FBC, Mr. Brima Bah said that the students should consider themselves special for moving a step further in achieving their goal of becoming students and subsequently, alumni of the premier college of USL. He stated also that the provision of an enabling academic environment for students and staff are core values of the college, noting that the act of unbiasedly enforcing laws to project and maintain the core values of the historic college are major priorities of the college administration.

He therefore advised the students to consciously adhere to the regulations guiding their stay on campus.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Fourah Bay College, who also deputised for the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone, Professor Kelleh Gbawuru Mansaray said that the college administration is pleased to have the freshmen and women as their newest clients.

Professor Mansaray further shared his strategic vision for the college aimed at improving on certain practices, standards and services within the college. He pointed out the his priority areas under his administration include, infrastructure, research, resource obilisation, investment, and strengthening the Alumni Association.

The University Registrar, Mrs. Olive K. Barrie explained the importance of the different administrative structures within the University of Sierra Leone. She encouraged the new students to be bold in positively utilising the various university structures when necessary.

The freshmen and women were also encouraged by the Deputy Finance Director of the University of Sierra Leone, Mr. Emmanuel Adeyemi Rhodrick Strasser-King, and the Senior Assistant Finance Officer of FBC, Mr. Theophilus Mcintyre to always pay their fees on time and complete their registration in time in order to cement their eligibility status as students of FBC.

Furthermore, the President of the FBC Students’ Union Government, Mr. Alfred Sesay joyously expressed delight over seeing the freshmen and women uniformly dressed in their unique college regalia. He encouraged his fellow students to be focused on striving towards achieving their purpose on campus and to work with other students amicably to create a friendly environment on campus.

Meanwhile, eye-catching and mouth-watering performances by the University of Sierra Leone Theatre Group and Chinese cultural performances by students of the Conficius Institute at FBC among others added colour and fun to the event.

A conducted familiarisation tour of important places on campus climaxed the orientation ceremony for freshmen and women.

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