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Edmonton: Three Liberian women die in road accident

By  | 24 September 2017 at 06:14 | 3307 views

A Liberian pastor, whose Edmonton congregation came to the aid of victims of last month’s disaster in Sierra Leone, is himself now mourning the tragic loss of his wife. Reverend Glory Blamo inspired a special prayer session for survivors and other victims of the August 14 mudslide/flood in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Over $7,000 in cash was raised at his church, The Solid Rock International Ministries. About the same amount was pledged by church members, Sierra Leonean visitors, and other well-wishers, during the service. That event took place on Sunday September 3, 2017.

That was about three weeks ago.

On Friday September 22, Pastor’s Blamo’s wife Glorious died in a two-vehicle crash along a highway to the east of Edmonton. The deceased and two other women, Jeannette Wright and Eva Fatu Tumbay (photo) were travelling together when their minivan collided with a heavy-duty flat-bed truck. Two of the women were found dead at the scene, while the third passed away later. Another woman, Jeannette Gaye, was also travelling in the minivan. She was seriously injured and was brought to an Edmonton hospital. Rev. Blamo and his late wife had been married for over 15 years; with children.

The accident occurred a few kilometres outside Lloydminster, a town to the east of Edmonton. According to Global News Edmonton, the driver of the truck was not at the scene of the accident when police arrived. However, Canadian federal police (The RCMP) found a 26-year-old man in the vicinity. He’s since being held in custody, pending investigations. The truck had been reported stolen the previous evening.

Since the news reached Edmonton, Kemoh Mansaray, president of the Sierra Leone Alberta Association, has been in constant touch with community members. He has been working with his executives; urging SLAA members to show support and console Pastor Blamo and the other grieving families. “They are our brothers and sisters,” Kemoh says “As a sister community, we need to comfort them in any way we can.”

The SLAA president expressed deep sadness, in a phone interview with The Patriotic Vanguard. He sounded as if holding back tears, as he lamented the loss. Mansaray and his executives had closely interacted with the pastor and his late wife, during that church’s fundraising service for the benefit of Sierra Leoneans. He describes the experience as a landmark event. “The late Mrs. Blamo actually helped with counting the money collected, and made a personal donation herself, before presenting the total amount to us , “Mansaray recalls.

The SLAA leader had this to say: “She was so kind and so empathetic; doing so much for needy Sierra Leoneans she does not even know…..only for her to be snatched from us so suddenly.”

Mansaray is administrator of an SLAA community platform on the smart phone application, WhatsApp. In it, he has been sharing updates while urging Sierra Leoneans to make moral and financial contributions. “We have a huge loss,” reads one text message from him. “It is urgent and we need to help now.”

There is a meeting planned for Sunday September 24, at The Solid Rock International Church in northeast Edmonton ( The meeting is open and many people in the African community here are expected to attend.