Letter to editor

Don’t do it, Mr. President

19 September 2008 at 21:04 | 817 views


If president Ernest Koroma is really serious about having a zero tolerance for corruption, he should never think of returning the properties of former corrupt APC ministers.

Let us remember that the Beckles-Davies commission gave all ex-APC politicians the opportunity to defend themselves. After a proper look at all the evidences adduced before the commission, it was proved that all former APC ministers in the Momoh administration were corrupt because they used thier offices for personal gain, transferred huge amounts of public funds into private bank accounts in London and USA and above all they maintained a life style that was not commensurate with their official emoluments.

When president Tejan Kabbah took over in 1996, he called in an eminent legal authority from Trinidad, Hon.Justice Cross who came and examined all the evidences presented to the Beckles-Davies commission and also confirmed that ALL former APC ministers were corrupt.

I am sure president Koroma wants to return their properties only because most of them are now his advisers in the APC.
The president will soon constitute a commission to investigate all former SLPP ministers. I hope he will be fair to them.

Alpha Saidu Bangura, USA.

Editor’s note: Alpha Saidu Bangura (photo) is the SLPP-North America Publicity Secretary.