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Davidson Ogunade: A role model for Sierra Leoneans

By  | 2 December 2018 at 05:01 | 2577 views

Davidson Ogunade’s cheerful approach to a national chore

“Something to Think About” was a popular radio programme on Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS) Radio in the 1970s and early ‘80s. It was anchored by Ambrose Ogunade, now deceased. Today, we have his son Davidson Ogunade playing his own part as a patriot.

Davidson posted a set of pictures of himself, on Facebook, on Saturday 01 December 2018. They show him heartily pulling a cart full of debris in the area of Dundas Street and West Street in Freetown. His had children who seemed to be playing around as they helped.

Commonly called ‘Omolankay’ in Sierra Leone, the cart is typically used to haul bulky merchandise for traders and shoppers. Some Freetown residents would also use this mode of transport to ship heavier belongings like furniture – whenever they move house at lower costs.

Davidson is an alumnus of Christ the King College (CKC) in Bo. After completing his secondary education there in the late 1970s, he went to Njala University College (NUC) – then a constituent college of University of Sierra Leone (USL). He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science (B.Sc. Agric. General) in 1982.

Dave is a versatile athlete; a superb soccer player and a strong swimmer. He did not go on to play football for Sierra Leone or become a professional soccer player; probably due to the demands of his university studies. In the pool, Dave is not only a skilled swimmer; he also teaches others whenever he can. His exceptional talents are readily evident when he plays other sports like lawn tennis, table tennis, and badminton.

I came across his Omolankay pictures the same day that he posted them. In a matter of minutes I shared them on my own Facebook timeline, along with a spontaneous tribute. Even if he posed for the photos in jest, I admire his spirit. This gentleman feels so proud and happy to be doing his part in the national cleaning day exercise. The least I could do as a fellow Sierra Leonean is to commend him. In fact, I could help brighten the spotlight on his civic showcase.

So I decided to relay his show of citizenship to the rest of the world. My hope is that many more people will take notice of Davidson Ogunade’s fine example. We may not all be able or be inclined to do exactly what he did; but we could pitch in somehow.

I also believe that Davidson Ogundade’s humility is one for the record; something worthy of our national archives. My goal is that, through we get to bear witness to his unique approach to a community chore. His cheerful spirit – and teamwork with children - is a testimony for posterity.

Davidson’s picturesque approach to the monthly public cleaning exercise is an invaluable example. It is, no doubt, one that is worth emulating. His Omolankay photos are more than just “something to think about” or “like” on Facebook.