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Craig Wellington will be featured in Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine

16 May 2023 at 20:22 | 837 views

We are pleased to announce that Craig Wellington will be featured in the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine.

Craig Wellington is a strong believer in the Swahili principle of Ubuntu—‘I am because we are’ — that when all communities are allowed to achieve their potential, everyone is uplifted. That’s why, as executive director of the Black Opportunity Fund (BOF), he’s working to establish equitable, sustainable funding for the social and economic empowerment of Black communities across Canada. He uses his considerable expertise in not-for-profit and community leadership to develop and execute innovative strategies to secure and deploy capital for community good, while always maintaining an anti-oppression lens with a focus on community engagement and partnerships. Prioritizing initiatives around youth and education, women and gender, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, health, and arts and culture, BOF seeks to elevate the outcomes for generations of Black Canadians.

Source: Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine