Letter to editor

Condom industry

30 July 2013 at 03:57 | 14504 views

By Clemente Ferrer.

In Mexico City, Ministers of Health and Education have been gathered to stop the social scourge of AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the event, Caribbean Delegates decided to introduce the principle of abstinence prior to marriage, as well as fidelity once married as a plan to struggle against the expansion of sexually transmitted diseases. However, these proposals were rejected.

Throughout history, human being has taught children about this. Now, this instruction will be provided to adults. However, during last years, parents prepare their children not for them to become adults, but for them to become perennial teenagers incapable of becoming mature adults.

This is shown in the behavior that these teens demonstrate to society. They are mean due to their self-inquiry about the delight of individualism. Young people have changed their interests from toys to drugs, from soccer balls to alcohol, from candy to sex.

Who wins? Condom manufacturers, such as Planned Parenthood, become richer from exploiting humans’ sexual passion that ends in abortion centers.

Therefore, the ingenuity shown by the Ministries of Health and Education when rejecting the promotion of abstinence and fidelity is due not to their personal interests in adolescent’s happiness, but move them away from any kind of personal stability. They promote condoms and emergency contraception pill because these practices offer “pleasure without consequences” while abstinence and fidelity take sacrifice and discipline. Principles that young people refuses.

If we educate adolescents, they would be strengthened. Thus, it would be difficult to manipulate their inclinations in consumption. As a result, condom manufacturers would not become millionaires.