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Find it, cook it

7 January 2021 at 19:36 | 1774 views


By Dr. Cecil Blake, USA

Commentators and pundits refer to the above as an "assault on democracy" by Donald Trump. Perhaps more appropriately, it is the defrocking of an ideology peddled in an ecclesiastical manner as the ideal for all countries.

The defrocking by Trump demonstrates and amplifies the fragility of an ideology that has attained the status of an organised religion. Africans seem to have blind faith in this ideological crusade.

To their foul credit, some African leaders preceded Trump’s defrocking by the abrogation of a section of their presumed democratic constitutions that have fixed term limits. Shithole countries can claim to be the educators of the coiner of shitholism.

Time for Africans to "look under their feet" (or in situ) as we say in Sierra Leone, to discover the solutions to their near atrophied mind when it comes to ideology and instruments of governance.

Let 2021 be the year that African leaders tell and demonstrate to the world that their minds are not tabulae rasae, on which Europeans and Americans, and for that matter, any country outside the continent write to instruct them on how to govern.
On that note above, "Happy New Year!", and best wishes for the maturity of the mindset of the African leadership structure, negating the image of a bunch of tabulae rasae in the state of readiness to receive written instructions from you know who, about how to govern themselves.

On Trump’s mischief, finally, when all is said and done, I commend the election officials in Georgia who refused to affirm the existence of Trump’s presumed cache of 11,780 votes he requested.