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Boston’s COVID-19 Health Inequities Task Force

14 July 2021 at 20:02 | 628 views

In April 2020, former Mayor Marty Walsh appointed a group of BIPOC leaders to join the COVID-19 Health Inequities Task Force. Frederica M. Williams (pictured) was one of the leaders tasked with developing strategies to address racism as a public health issue and recommendations to promote health equity and social justice.

In July 2021, the Boston Health Inequities Task Force released the Boston Health Equity Now Plan. The Health Equity Now Plan is only an initial step towards the long recovery from COVID-19.

To reach the eight goals, the plan provides 18 key recommendations that focus on acknowledging racism, creating educational and financial opportunities, and proactive community engagement. The full list of recommendations are detailed in the report.

Group photograph with Boston mayor Kim Janey (centre). She is the first black and first female mayor of the city. Frederica Williams, CEO of Boston’s Whittier Street Health Center is first from right. Frederica is originally from Sierra Leone.

The Task Force urged leaders from all corners of Boston to take part in rebuilding a Boston free of racial and health inequities. These recommendations provide actionable steps to addressing racism and health inequities.

Read the report by clicking on the link below: