Blackpool FC appoints Rodney Michael

8 September 2021 at 15:19 | 648 views

By Muctar Koroma, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Mighty Blackpool football club has on September 6th 2021 in a meeting held among the club elder committee and Fan club executive appointed former premier league board (PLB) chairman and presidential hopeful Rodney Michael (photo) as chairman of the club.

According to a release from Blackpool FC, the steering committee that was in charge of the club has been dissolved by the committee of elders and fan club executive. The release further stated that a new working committee has been formed to run the affair of Might Blackpool for the upcoming premier league season to commence On September 11th 2021.

The committee of elders and fan club executives appointed 16 other names to run the club.

This is Mr. Rodney Michael’s first involvement in premier league football since he tenders his resignation as chairman of the Sierra Leone premier league board in December 2011.