Letter to editor

Beware of current devastating scam

9 January 2011 at 22:11 | 913 views

By Alpha Lebbie, Boston, USA.

Emails are currently circulating on the web advertising job postings for ’secret shoppers’ . A pay of 200-250 dollars is offered after any accomplished assignment. Assignments are: going shopping at any of the chain stores and observe how well customers are treated by store workers. To do this, the Assigners mail you a FAKE USA Postal money order of about 1,990 dollars.

You are then instructed to cash this fake money order at your bank or a cheque cashing facility. If this is done without detection, then you are asked to use 50 dollars of the proceeds to go purchase anything you may want, using this opportunity to observe where you shop and report to them.

The next part of the assignment is to go to a Western Union money Transfer facility and transfer the rest of the money to an address already given.

Thus the essence of the assignment is for you to cash a fake money order, deduct a little for your job and send the Scammers clean legitimate money. But here is the catch: When one cashes a cheque- you give your photo ID, address and signature. When the fake money order goes for clearance and bounces it is the casher of the cheque who is held accountable for the fraud and not the issuer, who likely would remain concealed somewhere. So Readers, Beware!