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Barbaric and criminal negligence

By  | 8 June 2011 at 06:07 | 436 views

The 2009 report by the Auditor General of Sierra Leone lays bare the kind of monumental problems faced by any government in Sierra Leone, which is the lack of a sound accounting system and diligent accountability procedures by some of our civil servants and other government officials.

The report exposes sloppiness, neglect and a total lack of professionalism in many of our heads of parastatals, senior civil servants, school administrators, top policemen and women, hospital adminstrators and a host of others.

The report reveals such chaos and savagery that one even wonders how the government in power has been able to survive in this miasma or quicksand of gross incompetence and barbaric neglect. No wonder the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is going everywhere including army barracks, schools and colleges to preach the message of accountability. No government will succeed in an environment like the one depicted in that 2009 report which is two years ago. We hope there has been some changes, we really do.

We sincerely hope those glaring and screaming anomalies have been corrected or eliminated because ruling a country is not just the preserve of the political rulers; it’s about every citizen contributing in whatever way to propel the country forward and not revert to the dark ancient days before the invention of writing. What a mess.