Letter to editor

AFRC, RUF, and Kamajor leaders flown to Rwanda

1 November 2009 at 22:42 | 732 views

By Alfred Sam-Foray, currently in Freetown.

At aproximately 3:15 this afternoon (Saturday October 31), the helicopter bearing the 3 AFRC, 3 RUF and 2 CDF leaders took off from the New England Detention Center for Lungi presumably on its way to Rwanda.

The CDF detainees, Moinina Fofana and Alieu Musa Kondewa, refused to give any interviews to news media or bid farewell to the country they fought to save from damnation. Their only wish to their friends is to help relocate their families back home out of Freetown. Such efforts are now underway. Mr. Fofana is not expected to be released from prison until 2018 and Mr. Kondewa five years later.

It is perhaps the saddest day for some of us who worked with these men to twice return civil government to power after Tejan Kabbah twice lost it to rebels through negligence and personal vindictiveness. It is inconceivable that God who is no respecter of persons will hold Kabbah guiltless from the pits of hell for this debauchery and national shame.

Yesterday (Friday October 30) evening when I drove past Heroes Square and down Hinga Norman Street in Kenema City, the only place to so honour Chief Norman, and also the home of another national hero, Prof. Alpha Lavalie, I could not help but wonder where this country would have been had we left it to Kabbah and his fellow infidels alone. With Chief Norman dead and Fofana and Kondewa sent away, we have probably seen the last of Sierra Leone’s true heroes.