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ACE Foundation introduces key projects, directors, at Edmonton fundraiser

By  | 8 March 2018 at 03:04 | 3116 views

The African-Canadian-Education (ACE) Foundation hosted a fundraising dinner-and-dance in Edmonton, Alberta, on Saturday March 3, 2018.

The founder is Augustine Marah (first from right in photo). He is a former president of the Sierra Leone Alberta Association (SLAA) based here. An educationist himself, Marah announced three projects as key targets of the foundation and they include the Alberta Bilingual Community (ABC); an adult literacy component with complementary programs to facilitate youth engagement in the community and also the Sierra-Can Institute of Science and Technology; a fund-raising project to help build a technical and vocational college in Sierra Leone. The third one is the Pan African Literacy Campaign; to help promote reading, writing, and arithmetic, across the African continent.

In his welcome remarks at Saturday’s event, Marah first acknowledged and thanked the many guests who graced the occasion. He then gave a brief background to the organization. He also expressed his appreciation for the support and assistance that the organization has been receiving from various individuals and organizations.

Marah said the foundation is one of the ways he’s chosen to practice two of the biggest lessons that he’s learnt in life.

“People, especially my family, have taught me that one of the best ways to live in life is to live for others,” he said.

“The second lesson is that, to be happy, you should engage in what you love.”

The ACE Foundation founder contended that, “when each one of us is in our own element, we are not only happy; we are also passionate and can also thrive.”

Marah, as chairman, then went on to introduce other members of the board of directors.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we would not be here today were it not for the devoted energy and time of this small group of men and women,” he said.

These other board members of the ACE Foundation are:Dr. Abu Conteh, Issa Kamara,
John Elliot, Tony Muto, Fredo Ali Kamara, Mariama Koulla and Chantal Hitayezu.

Others are Fatima Bangura, Foday Conteh, Nii Koney and Chidi Iberemere.

Fredo Ali Kamara, a board member and long-time friend of Marah, had earlier introduced hiim. This was immediately after opening prayers, led by Pastor Amara Bangura.


Dinner is served

The dinner-and-dance took place at the Belvedere Community Hal with board members Mariama Koulla and Fatima Bangura serving as MCs.

Afrique Edmonton band doing their thing on stage

There was a live music performance to set the mood that evening; ahead of the formalities, feasting and dancing.

It was an impressive show by the dance band Afrique Edmonton. The band is a quintet featuring Joe Hassan (lead guitar), Fredo Ali Kamara (lead vocals, percussion), Prince Stanley Koledoye (drums), and Bongbiemi ‘Tribesman’ Nfor (congas), and Irene Kamini (chorus, dance). The deejay was Arthur Roberts of ArtBeat Productions.

Augustine Marah, ACE founder

ACE was founded just over five years ago; on the Wednesday February 11, 2013. The motto of the foundation is, ‘Think Globally and Act Locally.’