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AAADC pilgrimage to home of Reverend Ira Albert

8 August 2019 at 22:22 | 1935 views

The 115th anniversary of the Albert Academy, one of the oldest secondary schools in Sierra Leone (founded 1904) is being celebrated at home and abroad.

Some members of one of the numerous alumni branches abroad, the Washington D.C. Albert Alumni Association, recently organised a road trip or pilgrimage to the home of the man after whom the school was built, the Reverend Ira Albert.

They travelled by bus from Burtonsville in Maryland to Annville, Pennsylvania where they visited Rev. Albert’s church, Sherks Church. He grew up in and helped to build that church from where he went to Sierra Leone as a missionary. He drowned in the Bumpe river and the Albert Academy was later named after him.

The group also visited Reverend Albert’s family and the college he attended, Lebanon Valley College, before returning to Maryland.

Here are some photos and a video clip of the trip. More will be published later.

More photos later in a special photo-story