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A Long Way From Home, a poem by Mohamed Boye Jalloh-Jamboria

24 September 2005 at 23:55 | 978 views

A Long Way From Home

We are a long way from home
Home where we can find peace

We are a long way from home
Home where we can find love

First they took us away
Now we come with our free will

But why did we come ?
We came to find peace

We came to find love

Have we found them? NO and NO but we are here still
And why? cause we are in a trap! we are in the spider’s
web! A labyrinth ! a tunnel of which we know no end!

We have come a long way from home
To look for what was taken away!

We have come a long way from home
To ask for what was taken from us!

Have we seen it or do we hope to get it? NO and NO but we are still at it with faith!A faith of many faces and many colours! A faith slapping our wrinkled faces
With holy water and zamzam!!
We sleep a long way from home
And feed on the crumbs of our hosts
Hoping and wishing to go back with what was lost

Will we ever? NO and NO
Cause the host is the ghost !the spectre ! the spirit
The unholy trinity made to look holy!!
The man with many names and many faces
Who is love unto himself and gods unto others
The man who’s love is animal and shortlived
The man who is master and yet servant unto himself
The man who made another that made another
And which man is today the master of mean man!!


But what must we do?
We must live in the past to live in the present and the future! how? Like brother Marley said we must emancipate from Mental Slavery, and now!!

We are and we have abundance but yet nothing have we! We believe,listen and accept every jack and gumbo that comes with flowers! We are too faithfull for the faith; a faith that is built on the air not on solid grounds;a faith that knows no love except that of winner takes it all!a faith that me first you later

But who is to blame?
The God we know or the gods we don’t? Or is it ourselves? Maybe or maybe not! For we are now a confused folk with little time to think but plenty time to act ! but if we must act, how and when do we act?
Must we act on our kindred or the stranger or must we act to ask with love ; of all and for all we have lost and wish to regained?when and how will paradise be regained? and who is going to give back ?
When will payday come?
Will it ever or will it never?
Payday is here but we don’t know where <br.
Payday is here but we don’t know when
Payday is here but we still have to know how we’ll get paid!!
because the Cashier is still paying himself and until then no pay for the children of the Damned!!

Mohamed Boye Jalloh-Jamboria is a Sierra Leonean writer, educationist, trade unionist and political activist.