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$10,000 needed to bury Comrade Joseph Sherman

28 February 2017 at 22:57 | 1702 views


By Sanpha Sesay, APC-Texas PRO.

The late Joseph Seidu Sherman’s body is still at a mortuary in Washington DC waiting for burial. Who is responsible? Should the burden be on Ambassador Bockarie Stevens alone? Where is the APC and where are the journalists worldwide?

The late man was a pro-APC journalist and has contributed immensely to the propaganda machinery of the party before and after the 2007 elections. Can his funeral service be neglected by our respectable community worldwide?

For many of you who did not know about the passing of APC journalist, Joseph Sherman, his body is in a Washington DC funeral home waiting for burial. The estimated amount needed to bury him is Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000). He was 57 years old at the time of his death last week.

The Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington is requesting your financial contribution to ensure that our comrade is respectably buried. Please contact the Embassy or Ambassador Bockarie Stevens for your help. This is a responsibility of all APC fans worldwide.

The news of the death of Joseph Sherman was published by Comrade Gibril Koroma of the Patriotic Vanguard and Hon. Kabs Kanu of Cocorioko.

Remember that it is just Joseph Sherman’s turn now. Yours is in the corner, maybe tomorrow. Please call now to make your contribution. Call Ambassador Stevens for whatever help you have. The APC-USA is working on modalities to contribute. How about you in the UK, Europe and all other journalists worldwide?