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Sierra Leone: Tribunal to investigate Auditor General

15 November 2021 at 20:56 | 707 views

By Our Correspondent in Freetown

The process to investigate Lara Taylor-Pearce, the suspended Auditor General (photo), has been set in motion here in Freetown with the forthcoming setting up of a tribunal to investigate her. She was recently suspended for what some some sources have described as unprofessional behaviour. The government seems to keep all evidence to its chest at the moment.

Meanwhile supporters of Taylor-Pearce are busy condemning the government even without seeing any evidence. They also say the wrong procedure of suspending the AG was followed. Government seems to have accepted that criticism and has corrected the mistake by taking the matter first to the Judicial Service Commission and then to the Chief Justice, the President and later Parliament. A long process that will take weeks, may be months, according legal experts.

Meanwhile the Auditor General remains suspended with pay.