Rod wishes Isha well

2 June 2021 at 19:04 | 1715 views


Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) presidential aspirant, Rodney Edmond Michael, has responded to a question posed to him by the head of media Team Rodney for SLFA 2021 elections, on his views on Isha Johansen’s withdrawal from this year’s SLFA Presidential elections.

In his response, Mr Michael (seen with Isha in undated photo) welcomed the decision.

He wished Mrs Johansen the best of luck in her new role as FIFA Council Member and prayed the world benefits from her contribution in some way.

He emphasized that despite all differences, Madam Johansen has never been and is not his enemy, and that were he to become the President, he would work towards cooperation with Madam Johansen on the international scene and would protect her status in Sierra Leone football as a former President.

Team Rodney Wishes Madam Johansen Best of Luck!