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Prince Harding re-elected SLPP chairman

30 December 2021 at 20:20 | 945 views

By Our Reporter

The incumbent Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) chairman, Prince Alex Harding (photo), has been re-elected in a tension-filled contest in Bo, the second largest city in the country. He scored 529 votes to beat his strongest challenger, the youthful and exuberant Jimmy Batilo Songa (former Organising Secretary of the party) who scored 392 votes. The SLPP is the ruling party in Sierra Leone and one of the oldest in Africa.

Other contestants were young lawyer Alex Bonapha (88 votes), veteran politician Momodu Koroma (13 votes), and the little known Joseph Keifala (9 votes).

President Julius Maada Bio was earlier elected flagbearer to lead the party to the 2023 general elections.

Other elected officers are:

Deputy Chairman
Alpha Mohamed Kallon

Organising Secretary
Musa Moigua

Deputy Organising Secretary
Alhassan Balogun George

Secretary General
Umaru Napoleon Koroma

Deputy Secretary General
Dr Robert Charkanda

Public Relations Officer
Lahai Laurence Leema

National WOMEN’S Leader
Hawa Foray

Deputy WOMEN’S Leader
Rosamond Mattia

Internal Auditor
Augustine J.J. Tommy

Young Generation Leader
Engineer Kallon

National Financial Secretary
Francess Virginia Anderson

National Treasurer
Martha Concilia Kanagbo

National Imam
Imam Sheriff

National Chaplain
Ing. Francis Kallon

National Legal Adviser

We will bring you analyses of the performance of the various candidates by our writers in the days ahead.

Jimmy Batilo Songa

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