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New book by Professor Emeritus George Carew

21 December 2021 at 16:26 | 1201 views

By Mallam O, Publisher, Sierra Leone Writers Series

Book title: Reflections on Philosophy, Politics and Post-Colonial African Society


Using Prof Prof. Fodei J Batty’s words from the Foreword:

"In this volume, the eminent Professor has put together an impressive collection of readings that include reflective and critical essays on diverse and wide-ranging topics such as the dilemmas and contradictions of the liberal state, ethnicity and the inherent challenges of the principles of distributive justice in culturally pluralistic and ethnically diverse African societies, transitional democracy, the Black experience in the United States and emancipatory politics, development theory, ethnic cleansing etc. The central theme that weaves this diverse collection together is that almost half a century after independence, most African countries are still plagued by the manifestations or side-effects of one or more of the issues highlighted by Professor Carew in this volume. ..."

About the author
Professor George M. Carew (photo) is the Vice Chancellor at the United Methodist University in Sierra Leone. He completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Connecticut, USA. He was a former Ambassador to the United States and a former Minister of Agriculture in Sierra Leone. Prof. Carew has taught in many Universities in the United States and Africa. His major publications include a book-length essay on Democratic Transition in Post-Colonial Africa: A Deliberative Approach (Mellon Press, 2006) and many articles in Political Philosophy in academic journals.

SLWS is honoured to publish this great Sierra Leonean philosopher.

Editor’s Note: Click on the link below to listen to Professor George Carew: