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Moral values have no value if they are like beautifully suspended bubbles

16 November 2021 at 19:29 | 651 views


Moral values have no value if they are like beautifully suspended bubbles

By Sinneh T. Moijueh, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Though at varying degrees and dimensions, we all try to stand for certain things and this fundamentally helps us avoid falling for everything. The things we stand for are usually things we value and feel strong about, normally referred to as our personal values.

In my reflection about ethics being a desideratum for continental prosperity, I concluded that having moral values we stand for are good but they are only as good as how much we can still maintain them no matter our prevailing circumstances. I have observed that most moral values vanish into oblivion when people face hard times or are exposed to financial rewards never imagined. Their ethics (which have been suspended like seemingly beautiful bubbles in the air) simply vanish by a simple blow of wind (destroyed by rewards/challenges never imagined).

This takes us to the concept of time-tested values. Adoption of the idea of time-tested values is a requirement if we must move forward as a continent because everyone will obviously face highly tempting (could be up to or more than millions and billions of dollars) or difficult situations that we have never imagined will come our way. Will you still stand up firm on your personal values? or you’ll succumb to the situation?

I highlighted this at the beginning of my poem Africa is Rich but Poor because any discussion about ethics that cannot stand the test of time is meaningless in our quest for social change so we must all strive to maintain values that can stand the test of time and do so for the rest of our lives to help save our continent.

Today, I join the world in celebrating a young man from Liberia, Emmanuel Tuloe, for demonstrating that his current situation does not mean he should get wealth the wrong way. He demonstrated a high level of personal moral integrity which I believe is totally unimpeachable! I am so proud of him and wish every African can follow his example.