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Introducing Gulf American University

27 July 2021 at 20:58 | 1846 views


Vision is the ability to see beyond, through a mission to an expected end. Gulf American University (GAU) with the vision to surface as a universal leader of excellence in higher education to meet the aspiration of the international learning community has graduated a set of students recently.

It was a memorable time for students of Gulf American University, United Arab Emirates as they were glamorously graduated after successfully completing their Bachelor, Masters & Doctoral training in various fields including Business Administration & Music.

The graduation dinner event which held in Dubai, led by Prof. Colin Wilkinson (Chairman, Award Committee), Assistant Prof. Renu Mishra (Vice Chairperson, Award Committee) (photo), supported by the Dubai Office team witnessed by parents, guests & well-wishers was a great success. Original degree certificates were received from awarding campuses (outside UAE) & presented to eligible students who received them with fulfilment and expression of joy.

A special speech was delivered by a top Board Advisory official of Gulf American University, Prof. Mohan Agarwal. He charged the graduates & guests to greater heights with his motivating words garnered over years of life & professional experience in education. His speech was also a great confidence for those who intend enrolling to study with Gulf American University (GAU). Mohan who is a Fulbright Scholar also encouraged the institution, students, faculty & guests to go more into research, conferences, development & publishing; to explore knowledge for right application & greater business impact.

The event ended with commendations special dinner, networking amongst participants.

GAU is preferred by many because of its myriad of benefits, including Affordable Tuition, Scholarship Opportunities, Work-study & Internship Opportunities, Experienced Faculty Members (with Academic & Industry Experience), International Student Excursions, Exchanges & opportunities for Transfer to South America, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Caribbean & Europe. Gulf American University (GAU) is incorporated under a Fujairah Free Zone, UAE and approved by government to provide all categories of training. Degrees are awarded from overseas & recognized for use anywhere and time across public & private sectors.