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G5 Group engages new government in Guinea

20 November 2021 at 13:35 | 899 views

G5 Group has sent emissaries to Conakry to begin talks with the new administration. They met with Prime Minister Mohamed Beavogui (photo). Here is the press release from Conakry on that meeting. Translated from French to English by Patriotic Vanguard newspaper staff..

Conakry, 12 November 2021 - More than a month after his installation as Prime Minister to lead the Transitional Government, Mohamed Béavogui received a delegation of the G5 - UN, European Union, ECOWAS, United States, France - at the Palais de la Colombe.

The G5 conveyed a message of congratulations to President Mamadi Doumbouya through Prime Minister Mohamed Béavogui for the good deeds done since September 5, the date of the seizure of power in Guinea by the CNRD (Comite National du rassemblement pour le developpement-National Committee of Reconciliation and Development).

The G5 also encourages the Guinean Government to pursue the objectives set out in its Transition Charter. It appreciates the actions taken by the CNRD. These are moving in the right direction, according to the G5 emissaries. They reflect the determination of the new authorities in Conakry to positively transform Guinea. The actions taken so far are judged favourably by the Group. They herald a good outcome for the current transition.

The G5 expressed its commitment to work alongside Guinea as an observer in the inter-Guinean dialogue. In recent years it has played an important consultative role through its various high-level missions to Guinea. Today, both parties seem to be in sync.

In the exchanges, the G5 asked to know the timetable of the transition, and in particular that relating to the holding of elections. It expressed its wish that these elections be inclusive, free, transparent and credible.

According to the emissaries, the purpose of the transition is to organise the various elections very soon. They strongly hoped that the CNRD’s timetable would focus on the elections and that clear and reassuring milestones would be set.

Furthermore, the G5 informed the Prime Minister that it is closely observing what is happening with ECOWAS. It urges the transitional government to maintain a close and constructive relationship with this supranational organisation. "We can have moments of tension and disagreement. However, we must maintain a close collaboration," he said.

In response, the Prime Minister and Head of Government welcomed the G5’s commitment to working alongside Guinea in the inter-Guinean dialogue. Mohamed Béavogui assured his hosts that his Government wants a peaceful transition that will make Guinea a normal country, that is to say, a country where peace and security reign so that it develops in democracy, the rule of law and good governance. "We want to put in place transformative processes for our country. For this we need you. A blank page, a page of hope, has just been opened in Guinea. Since then, several actions have been taken. There is a long thought-out Charter, acts of reconciliation and dialogue between Guineans, as well as missions of appeasement and encouragement towards the population. We wanted a mixed government from all regions of Guinea, putting forward competence and national representativeness. We have also worked on the political aspect and put in place a mechanism for political parties to appoint their representatives to the National Transitional Council, so that this legislative body can quickly get to work with us," said Prime Minister Mohamed Béavogui.

He said that the timetable of the Transition is a priority and that intense work is being done in this sense. Regarding ECOWAS, Mohamed Béavogui assured diplomats that a roadmap and timetable are being developed before the first 100 days of the CNRD. "In 30 days, the roadmap will be ready, we are on the framing notes, you will have beforehand a note, a statement by the President. These are constitutional imperatives that will be respected. We assure you that we are giving ECOWAS the place it deserves, that of a mother institution," he said.

Finally, the Prime Minister said the Guinean government needs the technical support and experience of the G5. "We hope that this transition will be the last one, that it will mark the renewal of Guinea. We must keep the principles while taking into account the reality. We need to innovate in order to do concrete things," he added.

Credit for photos and text: Office of the Prime Minister, Conakry, Guinea.