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Daddy Andre outs new track with singer Neliah

26 August 2021 at 19:23 | 554 views


The multi award winner Daddy Andre teamed up with the fast rising high-life artist Neliah (both are from Uganda) to craft a perfect single produced by Andre on the Beat himself from Studio Black Market 256 that is likely to move their music fans with more fun and excitement.

Both artists signed by America- based Black Market Records have solo projects already going on well with Daddy Andre having recently released ‘’Omwana Wabandi’’ whereas Neliah, the budding female artist on the hand dropped a Live Session debut of her solo studio project ‘Crush’ which has been well received with reasonable airplays.

Daddy Andre is surely one of the dudes in the music industry with talent and overflowing blessings as he has visibly used his talent to uplift other upcoming artists by giving them good collaborations and production.

The combination of Daddy Andre and Nelia’s melodic vocals on this song blended so well making the song come out so finely perfected with a lovely soothing touch.

Listen to the duo by clicking on the link below: