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YUSA donates to schools in Yoni Chiefdom

21 August 2017 at 06:24 | 1325 views

Contributed to the Patriotic Vanguard

YUSA ( Yoni, United States of America) donated three hundred quality chairs to three Secondary schools in Yoni Chiefdom on the 10th of June, 2017.

The schools are: SLMB Secondary, Mile 91; Islamic Secondary school, Makorogba, and Masengbeh. Each school received one hundred chairs.

Last year, YUSA also donated the same number of chairs to YSS in Yonibana, Ansarul Secondary school in Mile 91, and Pope John Paul Secondary school in Mathoir.
It is YUSA’S determination to continue this project till all the Secondary Schools in the Yoni chiefdom- upper and lower , each receive these quality chairs.

Dr. Victor S. Kabia (third from right in photo) was the representative of YUSA who did the distribution in accordance with the policy of the organization. The occasion was chaired by the Member of Parliament, Honorable Aaron Koroma.

The emissary of YUSA brought the felicitations of the organization’s president, Mr. Samuel Koroma, the Executive, and members. Each of the organization’s members was introduced in absentia by Dr. Kabia to the august Yoni audience.

Dr. Victor Kabia (third from right) and other Yoni dignataries

Dr. Kabia also made honorable mention of all the members and executive for their roles in making the donations a reality. He also did not forget to mention the donations of Patrons such as: Dr. Munu, Dr. Mahmoud Hassan, Ambassador Amadu Koroma, and Dr. Zainab Bangura for their generous donations in helping YUSA achieve its goals and objectives.

Among the dignitaries who attended were: Principals of Secondary schools, the representative of the inspectorate, the speaker, Hon. Justice Ibrahim Koroma, chiefs and others.