From the Editor’s Keyboard

Two Sierra Leonean stars abroad

1 December 2020 at 04:19 | 1222 views

By Gibril Koroma, Editor/Publisher, Toronto, Canada

It looks like the month of November is a really great month for Sierra Leoneans living and working abroad or what Sierra Leoneans at home would call "Diaspora Sierra Leoneans" or the kind of Sierra Leoneans that will be pouring into the motherland next month to enjoy some sunshine and the special festivities that the Christmas season usually ignites in the country. And there is a bonus: There is almost no Covid-19 in the country right now.

But let’s forget about Christmas a little bit and proudly announce that President Elect Joe Biden has very recently appointed a Sierra Leonean immigrant, Jane Hopkins, to be part of the Corona Virus Task Force. We cannot recall a Sierra Leonean immigrant in the USA that has come so close to the White House in recent years.

Another American-Sierra Leonean woman, Frederica Williams, CEO of the Wittier Street Health Care Center in Boston, USA, also received this month a top award, the Dean Michael Shinagel award for her work helping the needy and vulnerable in Boston.

Before her appointment by President Elect Biden, many Sierra Leoneans had never heard of Jane Hopkins except for those living in Washington state or the Seattle area where she had worked for years as a mental health nurse and an organizer which evidently brought her to the notice of politicians and leading activists in that part of the United States.

We wish her well and call on her to continue to make Sierra Leone and America, especially black America, proud. We also thank President Elect Biden for making his team, so far, one of the most diversified in American history. We know he will do more to bring sanity to the great United States of America.