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Today is Albert Academy Foundation Day

4 October 2019 at 15:32 | 2864 views

The Albert Academy, one of Sierra Leone’s leading secondary schools, is celebrating today its 115th anniversary (It was founded October 4 1904). Here is a message from Florence Jarfoi (photo), President of the Washington DC alumni chapter:

Good morning fellow alumni,

Happy 4th of October and happy 115th anniversary. It was today that our founding fathers laid down the stones of our Alma Mater.

As the President of the AAAADC chapter, it gives me an immense pleasure to congratulate all of us.

A day like today is very important. It gives us the opportunity to reflect and think forward about the development of our beloved school.

So on this special day, let us pledge to our Alma Mater not just love , let us give back, it is the impact you make to our Alma Mater.

I challenge you to stay connected and build on the firm foundation given to us. Let us always pass on what we have learned

I leave you with these words from Stephen Hawking: “ Remember, look at the stars not your feet “

Let’s dream of a new AA and make it happen.

Once again , Happy Founders Day
October 4th

Esse Quam Videri

Thank you
Lady Flo
President AAAADC

Proud Academicians on the school grounds in Freetown today

And here is a video of alumni singing the school song today at the school in Freetown: