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The untold ultimate secret behind self-discipline

22 July 2020 at 23:17 | 656 views

By Sinneh T Moijueh, Freetown

This is big a moment in your life! You are about to finally discover the untold SECRET behind self discipline, the lack of which has probably caused you to set but struggle to achieve your goals.

Perhaps the best definition of self discipline was given by Elbert Hubbard, who said: "Self discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not."

In 2018, when I started implementing my Annual Plan, it was very challenging moving from one task to the other after a hectic day at work.

On a FIRST LAYER of thinking, I applied the principles in the above definition and completed some tasks. At some point, I felt exhausted and could not move any further. I thought about the principle again, but It didn’t help anymore.

With me BEING IN CHARGE of my life, I said to myself that I have done my best and have climaxed. My entire body was telling me that I can skip the few remaining tasks and close for the day.

I forced myself into a SECOND LAYER of thinking, which is the whole SECRET you’re about to discover. The SECRET was to assume I’M NOT IN CHARGE OF MY LIFE. I assumed my Annual Plan, which has been carefully designed to get me to my future, was in charge instead. Because I lost my sense of WILL as a human, I completed my remaining tasks that day. Guess what? I replicated that every other day until it became a habit (applied the 21 days-habit-forming principle). Then I discovered a NEW WAY of looking at self-discipline that actually worked for me.

We read all sort of quotes on self discipline but they don’t work because subconsciously we still know we have the free WILL to act or not act. Unless you KILL the WILL and become a helpless SLAVE to your Annual Plan, you may never accomplish set goals. The body is always going to be weak to do certain things afterwards.

I leave you with my quote then: “Self-discipline is taking your life out of your own hands and submitting it to a plan. When out of your hands, it’s not what you feel like doing but what the plan says you should do so just do it!You have no will/authority, you’re powerless, and you must obey!”