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The KKY court victory

4 September 2021 at 18:54 | 768 views

By Teddy Foday-Musa (TFM), Freetown, Sierra Leone

Let me start by congratulating my very senior schoolmate - Hon.Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (photo) for his court victory.

It is a battle bravely fought and gloriously won. To this end, I can see that everyone is rejoicing with him, and at the same time praising the judiciary for the outcome of this KKY court case. No doubt, the KKY court victory is a testimony that President Bio has enhanced the judiciary in their free expression of justice to all and sundry without favour, including opposition politicians like KKY. So on behalf of Sierra Leoneans, let me also thank our judiciary for a job well done. We are happy to know that there is now light at the end of the tunnel in the country’s justice sector. Our thanks and appreciation to Chief Justice and the Minister.

However, I only hope that the current praises lavished on the justice sector under President Bio, will not vanish once a certain court verdict against another person, is NOT made in the interest of some Sierra Leoneans. Please let us learn to commend our governance system by giving praises where they are due. This will serve as a motivation for more goodies to follow. Those who have transformed themselves into Harbingers of Bad News against MamaSalone, should realise that there is no perfection both in humanity and in any governance system in the world including big democracies like America.

Therefore, what we should be doing as Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad, is to support the government of the day to correct their weaknesses which will translate into development for our country. Let us know that there are two phases in the life style of any country: (i) electioneering and (ii) governance.

Electioneering ended in 2018 when President Bio won. We are now in the era of governance. And governance is the process whereby all Sierra Leoneans are required to support the the government of the day, by putting the government on the right track with responsible criticisms, to enable them develop our country. Against this backdrop, we should use the social media responsibly to correct our national governance system. We should not be peddlers of hate speeches with tribal bigotry on the social media. Let us work together as one to promote our national cohesion. Divided we will not stand, and united we can make progress.
Once again, congratulations to KKY and many thanks to officials of our justice sector.