Letter to editor

The case of the $52,000 SLRA vehicle

30 January 2008 at 05:53 | 1698 views

Dear Editor,

There is a suspected deal involving the Director of Sheladia Associates Inc. in the U.S Mr. Caporia, the head of operations of CSE in Sierra Leone Mr. Diop and the out going Director General of the SLRA Mr. Kebbay.

Sheladia was awarded a supervision of works contract by the World Bank on a road project in Sierra Leone and Sheladia in turn awarded the road contract to CSE headed by Mr. Diop.

Sheladia bought the $52, 000.00 Toyota 4* Runner fully loaded in the US and shipped it to CSE in Sierra Leone for use in the contract. At the end of the contract the vehicle should have been handed over to the SLRA because it was bought by Sheladia from World Bank money allocated to the Sierra Leone Government under the SLRA.

The said vehicle was cleared by CSE in 1999/2000 but rather than use it for the contract for which it was purchased, it was kept by Mr Diop for the personal use of the outgoing SLRA Director General Mr Kebbay. The vehicle was neither used in the contract nor was it delivered to the SLRA.

What this means is that, Mr. Caporia of Sheladia, Mr. Diop of CSE and Mr. Kebbay of SLRA have utilized the sum of $52, 000.00 from funds borrowed by the Sierra Leone Government from the World Bank for use on road construction in the country and have secretly rewarded Mr. Kebbay with the said vehicle for future road contracts at the SLRA at the expense of the Sierra Leone Government.

Mr. Diop of CSE or his representative in Sierra Leone should be contacted and asked about the above vehicle and why it was not used on the contract. Also the ducuments used for the clearing of the vehicle should be requested.

2. The outgoing Director General Mr. Kebbay should be contacted and asked about the whereabouts of the vehicle.

3.Mr. Caporia of Sheladia should also be contacted and asked about the vehicle and the purpose for which it was purchased.

Yours Sincerely,

A Concerned Citizen.