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The allegory of life through the lens of Dr Korthor Samura Kamara

17 February 2018 at 00:19 | 5297 views


By Dr. Yahya Kaloko, USA.

In politics, just as in any sphere of life, one serves at the behest or pleasure of a greater authority or power.

A civil servant or political appointee with specific reference to African politics serves at the pleasure of the leader of the government. Notwithstanding your academic accolades, political experience or wherewithal, your tenure in office in large part depends on how the leader feels well served. Even though there are choices to make, however the reality for many within the context of family, social, and other relationships makes it difficult for some to abandon ship.

Dr Korthor Samura Kamara, as the APC’s Presidential candidate, in the eyes of many in the public arena, is faced with a litany of offences, judgments, and persecutory stances. Many of these could be unfounded, except from the perspective of collective guilt. It is true that Korthor Samura’s career spans over a series of administrations in our beloved country, and as a result he shares part of the blame for many of the ills in our society today. In some cases, it is difficult for him to exonerate himself from some of the blame. As critical as this may seem, especially from the perspective of the dire yearning for change in our country today, one would also say some of the blame is unfounded. Our legal principles when it comes to alleged crime centers on presumed innocence until proven guilty. Notwithstanding, there are many who suffer from the effects of guilt based on public perceptions.

In retrospect of the recent presidential debate, I personally feel Dr Korthor Samura stood tall, overshadowing all the other candidates based on his experience on how our economy and society works. I say this without any political spin, as I don’t feel comfortable spinning the truth for political gain. Dr Korthor Samura Kamara has seen it all in both the worst and best of times, and in the newly found Sierra Leone entrepreneurship. But without doubt, this comes with a price. The conventional wisdom in leadership is that the buck stops at the desk of the leader. The euphemism in this context relates to whatever leadership position one incubates and the results rendered. In that respect Dr Korthor Samura may be found wanting. To some, he should have resigned his post a long time ago to avoid guilt by association.

However, a larger piece of the puzzle many of us may not or care to know is that Korthor Samura Kamara, in all his tenure was tasked with reviewing situations and recommending advice to the powers that be. He had no authority to impose, because that authority was beyond his pay grade. To be fair to him, he was not the Alpha and Omega in every decision making process. It may also be possible to say that he stayed his tenure with the hope to effect change as the doors and musical chairs of leadership revolved so many times, and there was a need for someone like him who has seen it all to stay with the hope of influencing events.

Understanding how government works in a country’s economy helps greatly to avoid casting blame. A good example could be related to the formulation of a budget. In the United States for example, the country’s budget is formulated based on the President’s assumptions of the economy in coming years. The formulation is not only based on real economic facts, but is also imbued with political undertones to serve a political agenda. The economists are in some respects overruled by the ruling political elites to satisfy their political base, even at the expense of sound economic principles. A case in point is the current stalemate in the Trump administration’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018 in which the president demands billions of dollars to finance the construction of a border wall to nowhere as alleged to prevent Mexicans from entering the US illegally. Many see this as waste of resources at a time when the country is running deficits, and is highly indebted to the Chinese and other countries. The economists’ input in this regard does not count. It is the wishes of the political elites that count. But imagine, the execution of the budget is half way through the 2018 cycle. This is one of the reasons why the US economy is tethering at the edges, embedded with priorities that have nothing to do with economics.

Reviewing the caliber of participants in the debate, there was none that can in all honesty, doubt Korthor Samura’s credentials, his experiences and outreach, except for the political side of the argument. But one thing he lacks is the political acumen to discuss issues from the prism of politics. From my perspective, this is the main reason why he is still finding it difficult to connect with many voters and observers. Notwithstanding, it is worth noting that person’s persona is sometimes shaped by challenges he/she faces in life. To be candid, I personally feel, probably subjectively, that Dr Korthor Samura did not prepare himself well for the barrage of scrutiny that comes with the campaign for office. He might have looked at the entire scenario from the perspective of his ability to perform the duties of President, and the love of his country. But to be President, one has to first win an election.

On hindsight, I believe if he wins this campaign battles, he will become a great president based on the decades old unique opportunities he witnessed in the good and ugly moments of our country’s politics and economy. Many of us may still harbor resentments on how he was chosen. For some, it will never be the same in the politics of our country looking at all the rigmaroles, political shenanigans, and brinkmanship that took place. But I hope and pray that we will let go, and give Dr Korthor Samura a chance to lead our beloved country. He is one unique candidate who may not need the learning curve newbies encounter in the leadership of a nation.

To my elder brother, Dr Korthor Samura, all I can say is that, in life one must be careful with a choice of service or career. Some of your strongest critics today may prove to be your staunchest allies tomorrow. For the moment, they either feel betrayed by the process under which you were selected, or because they feel you were part of the process that many believe has led to the culture of corruption spanning over decades and with different administrations. But God willing, when you become president of our beloved country, you will have the opportunity to prove that you mean well for our country, but were not in a position to call the shots. You were just an administrator in some sectors of our country’s leadership, but served under the behest of the Commanders-in-Chief in whom ultimate authority rested. But please use that experience to avoid the pitfalls, the glutton, and the appetite for power that leads others to forget who in real terms they represent, i.e. the electorate and the party.

An absence of clear understanding of the Allegory of Life and the inherent responsibilities that come with it, has a tendency to betray leadership, not by those who serve leadership, but by the actions and the egos that accompany it. Good Luck.