Soccer Giant Manneh Peters passes away: Dangawallie mourns

16 June 2009 at 02:01 | 3485 views

By Sanpha Sesay, in Texas.

Patrick Dangawalli is the leader of the organization, Sierra Stars Soccer Association (SSSA), Vice President of Old Edwardians Association in Texas, Vice President of Sierra Leone Organization of Old Athletic Associations (SLOOAA), and now the founder of Sierra Leone Soccer Ambassador in the Diaspora (SLSAD). All of these organizations are in the United States. Here is a message of condolence from Patrick on the paasing away of soccer star Manneh Peters in Freetown:

To the family and friends, the football association, the government and people of Sierra Leone, on behalf of my family here in the United States, I wish to tender a message of condolence for the sudden news about the pass-away of my beloved friend, Manneh Peters and to express that I was deeply saddened to hear about the big loss.

My heartfelt sympathies are especially with you the family, old-footballers and the football association in the country. Alongside with me, let us hold tight to memories for comfort, and let us think that, he who has gone, so we but cherish his memories, abide with us and more present than the living man. I did not even have words to begin to express my sorrow when I heard the sad news, lean on my friend for strength and always remember how much he cared for me and how I cared for him.

I would like to say that Manneh Peters was passionate in his devotion to promote soccer and was genuinely respected by all who knows him in the football field. Despite his major contributions in our football career, Manneh has also made known across the globe for his talents of coaching. Just few weeks back during my holiday in Freetown, I asked the late man to be a technical adviser to coach the Old Edwardians football team. But, alas! He has gone. Manneh, remember that I love you and I will have you in my prayers forever. May your heart and soul find peace and comfort in Heaven? To you the family, may the comfort of God help you in this difficult time? My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow and my thoughts are with you. God bless us all.


Patrick Kekuda Dangawalli

Arlington Texas, U.S.A

Photo: Patrick Dangawallie, a former Leone Stars goalkeeper.