SLRU scores another goal

11 September 2009 at 06:38 | 905 views

Sierra Leone Reporters Union (SLRU)

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The Sierra Leone Reporters Union (SLRU) is pleased to inform the general membership that the Registrar of Trade Unions in the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security has written a letter to the Government Printer, Government Printing Department requesting them to gazette the application made by the Union for registration under the Trade Unions Act.

The letter written by the Registrar of Trade Unions in the Ministry Mr. John Kallon states “I am directed to forward this notice for the registration of the “Sierra Leone Reporters Union” for you to cause it to be published in the Sierra Leone Gazette. Take note that the Registrar of Trade Unions has received application from the Union for Registration under the Trade Union Act (cap.221) in December 2nd 2008.”

This letter clearly demonstrates that the SLRU executive has made another positive impact in their quest to fight the deplorable conditions under which reporters are working in Sierra Leone.

The letter to the Government Printer came in the wake of an application letter written earlier by the SLRU executive to the Ministry of Labour on December 2nd 2008 applying for the registration of the Union and the issuance of the Bargaining Certificate. Several issues bordering on the welfare of reporters were extensively discussed with the Minister of Labour Minkailu Mansaray and senior officials of the Ministry over the past couple of months.

As you are aware the Ministry of Labour is the only authority mandated by the government to issue such document to trade unions. The document when secured gives the union the legal authority to negotiate with proprietors of media houses, the conditions of service for reporters across the country.

On January 17th 2008 the SLRU executive wrote an application for an affiliate trade union group to the Sierra Leone Labour Congress. The objective is to give the executive the legal authority to advocate for the welfare of reporters since owners of media houses stated that our executive has no legal mandate to do so.

On March 31st 2008 the executive also wrote another letter to Managing Editors and Station Managers requesting them to forward the list of their reporters and to state how many are registered with NASSIT. They did not only refuse to respond to our request but stated that our executive does not have the legal mandate to negotiate the welfare of reporters.

This prompted us to intensify our dialogue with the Sierra Leone Labour Congress. After several discussions with them, Labour Congress responded on July 29th 2008 acknowledging receipt of our application. We are pleased to inform you that SLRU is not only a media organization but also a Trade Union group. Against this background, we want to assure all members that the executive will continue to strongly pursue this cause until it is achieved.

Abubakar Jalloh
National Secretary General.